pasa recruitment forum is on march 3, 2019

Texas A&M Panhellenic Preview Day!

The Texas A&M Panhellenic Preview Day will be held on February 9th at 1:00 pm at the Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center on campus.  

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What is Recruitment?

Sorority recruitment is a process in which university undergraduate women join a sorority. It is a procedure that includes a number of themed rounds in which different events are included.

What do I need to do to join in sorority recruitment on my campus?

REGISTER WITH YOUR COLLEGE CAMPUS PANHELLENIC!  This step is ESSENTIAL for participation.  Check with the fraternity and sorority life office at your university to make sure you know how to register for recruitment. There might be a deadline, and most of the time you’ll have to pay some sort of fee. 

Register with the Panhellenic Association of San Antonio

You are already on our website.  Now, go to the page marked REGISTRATION and download the registration form for PASA.  Be sure to complete all of the steps listed below the Registration Form.  The form is just the beginning of the registration process.

Secure Recommendations (RIFs) and Letters of Support

In most cases, you will need a recommendation (the same as a RIF) and letters of support.  These must come from alumnae of each sorority on your campus.  Once you have registered with PASA, your information is sent to the recruitment chairmen of the alumnae groups.  They will canvas their members to find those willing to write a recommendation or a letter of support.  

You will need a different alumna writer for each of the different sororities on your campus; e.g.  you have 13 sororities on your campus.  You need 13 writers, each representing one of those 13 sororities.  

Keep in mind that by sending us your information form, your resume, your transcript, and your photographs; individual sorority members may have all of the information they need to write a recommendation for you, and you may not receive a call or any other type of contact.  Our local young ladies make great alumna members, so we make every effort to get you where you want to go!  DO NOT CONTACT PANHELLENIC ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS.   We will not know what an individual sorority will be doing.  It is strictly intra-sorority business, and none of ours.  


Keep an open mind.

You may be a legacy (directly related to an alumna of a sorority), have friends in a particular sorority, or have preconceived notions about a sorority.  Keep your eyes and mind open to the people you meet during recruitment.  You are going to have an opportunity to make many new friends and to embark on the experience of a lifetime!


Our registration deadline has passed, but we are still accepting registrations. Please register as soon as possible!!

Your ability to be seriously considered by a sorority chapter will be improved if we can get your information in a timely manner.  We have work to do and need time to do it in order to help you.

Want to Know More?


Visit the webpage sorority life for much more detailed information about sororities in general.