Complete registration

Send us ONE email with the following:

  • On the subject line, please list your first and last name and your chosen campus;                                                 e.g. "Susan Smart, Great University"

  • Your PASA Registration Form.  Please download (see link below), use the defined spaces on the form to fill in the required information.  Do not handwrite your answers.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAVE THE FORM AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED IT.  Do not send us a blank copy of our form.

  • A resume of all high school activities and GPA.  Cite each entry in your resume as a dot point, not a paragraph.  Please include a list of any recommendations or RIFs that you have already confirmed by Name and Sorority Affiliation.

  • An unofficial transcript:  please ensure that the Social Security Number identifier is blocked out.

  • A close-up photograph (label it "headshot")

  • A full-length photo (label it "full profile")

Consider the digital size of your photos.

Use the tutorial to reduce the size of your photos so that they fit into one email of no larger than 10 MB.

Put all of your documents into ONE email.

Send your email with documents to

We will acknowledge receipt of your information in a return email.  If we have not sent you an email by one week of your submission, please email us again to confirm receipt.

You are done...for now

Continue to network with women with college degrees to ensure your recommendations and letters of support.  Continue to network with sorority women on your chosen campus.  

Once you have registered, consider all of the information that you have sent us.  Some alumnae may be able to write a good recommendation for you without contacting you.  As frustrating as that may be, PLEASE TRUST THE SYSTEM.  We make every effort to get you covered with what you need for a successful recruitment.

DO NOT CONTACT US ABOUT YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS:  The Masterfile Chairman will not know who has written for you.  That is strictly sorority business, and not Panhellenic's.

We hope that your experience in Recruitment is wonderful.


PASA registration form


Please remember to SAVE your PASA form after you have filled in the spaces.  

Our registration deadline has passed, but we are still accepting files. DON'T DELAY!!

We can help you only if we have time to do the work we need to do.  Send your files in TODAY.

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